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If you are a restaurant, cafe or bar, you SHOULD be celebrating Saint Patrick's Day....and Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, Groundhog Day, National Ice Cream Day and any other day you can jump on to increase sales.  You don't have to be a bar and sell green beer. McDonald's has practically built an icon with Shamrock shakes.  I'm dating myself but do you remember Uncle O Grimacey? I wonder why McDonald's no longer uses overweight monsters to market their food programs??? Every year McDonald's spike shake sales for their normal vanilla shake by adding what is basically green corn syrup.  Brilliant from a marketing point of view!  And don't even get me started on the sheer genius of selling potatoes, carrots, cabbage and rye bread (with a side of corned beef) as an entree.  What is cheaper than cabbage, potatoes and carrots??? I guarantee the food costs on that plate make your accountant and Uncle O Grimacey smile! Ok, so you don't sell beer or entrees?  What about breakfast items like irish tea, scones, bangers?  How about irish oatmeal or Baileys ...


Tip #2:  Front Door First Impressions Why the garbage?  Read on... How often do we have to be told first impressions are important?  Well I’m going to tell you again, but with a bit of a twist. Does your parking lot, building, lobby, foyer, reception area, reception desk (or whatever you might have) make a good impression?  You need to be sure it does because your clients are making decisions about you before you even talk to them. And what about your gatekeepers?  Your hosts, receptionists, front desk support? Have you ever been to a restaurant with a grumpy host or hostess.  Not fun huh? This job is often overlooked, but is actually one of the most important jobs in the place. Make sure you hire someone amazing for this role! Someone who always smiles and never has a chip on their shoulder. If they don't smile in the interview, you can be sure they won't once they work for you. Also make sure they are great on the phone.  And please, no robots. Come up with something better for them to say than,”How are you?”, "Have a good day." and "Thank you"  Be ...


This week I had the honor of speaking at "Leader to Leader," a biannual business leaders event organized and executed by those sharp & savvy brand builders over at The Creative Company. The Creative Company is an award winning digital media, web design and PR agency that has been helping build brands in Madison, Dane County and beyond for 25 years. Twice a year, Laura Gallagher and her amazing team, pulls together some of the areas finest leaders from a wide variety of industries. This weeks event included leaders from construction and architecture, local retail leaders like Vom Fass and Little Luxuries , professional service firms such as Wegner and Cresa Corporate Real Estate and banking and finance leaders as well. We had an ambitious agenda that included learning from world class leaders who shared, via video, how they weave storytelling into their brands and we brainstormed how each of us can be a more conscious and effective leaders. I spoke on the art of customer service and shared my top 5 tips for making restaurant hospitality work in ANY business.   Here's segment#1. Watch ...