Credible has been performing food safety audits at all of the Food Fight restaurants for five years now and we’ve seen improvement year after year.  Cheri is intelligent; detail oriented and has a firm grasp of the food code requirements/procedures needed to get the job done.  It’s our mission that our restaurants be the best in town. Cheri tackles that mission with seriousness yet maintains just enough humor and common sense so as to not alienate our managers. This is critical to the effectiveness of the program and food safety is critical to us.

Monty Schiro-  President- Food Fight Restaurant Group


Looks fabulous…I LOVE having you as part of our team!!  No seriously, I feel like I’ve added a real soldier to my crew by having you watch my back on our safe food practices!!  Thank You!!

-Jodi Fowler– Proprietor- Blue Plate Catering



I can’t thank you enough for coming and lending us another set of eyes that I truly respectYour insight proved to be very helpful.  We changed up how we approached flow and design of the food service.  Very smooth and guests were extremely happy.  I could not be more pleased for the opening night!

Paul Spruge-Executive Chef– Catering a Fresco at Overture Center for the Arts


Having recently gone through the process of applying for a variance & HACCP plan, Cheri’s experience and expertise were most valuable.  She was able to act as a liaison between the health inspectors and The Milwaukee Club during the long process. Cheri brought it in on budget and her work resulted in The Milwaukee Club being granted the variance.

-Richard Roehrborn– General Manager- The Milwaukee Club


Thanks for the detailed information.  Credible is providing a great service.  You should be proud of how clear, concise and thorough the reports are put together.  I believe that our wise managers greatly appreciate the service. Thanks for your diligence.


I really appreciate your help and lead on all of this.  I think we’ve found a great partnership.

-Kevin Henry- CEO/COO– Food Fight Restaurant Group


Thank you, Cheri, this is exactly the information I needed and in a timely manner.  It’s really encouraging how you serve us!

-Debra Riphahn– General Manager- Market Street Diner & Bakery


First, thank you so much for coming out and reviewing the site with usYour input is invaluable and we will find out whether or not we need those items you mentioned. If so, we may have a different situation on our hands, in which case you will have saved us thousands of dollars, or at the very least made us aware of the issue so that we can be informed and prepared.

-Laura DeVries– Proprietor- Cupcakes A Go Go

You are FABULOUS!! Thank you!!  You are such a great resource- we will be sure to share your info with all new food businesses we come into contact with- I can’t IMAGINE not having your expertise on our side! Thank you!


I appreciate your challenging us to develop systems that will help the company to grow.


Thank you for all the valuable advice and insight you provided for the business at Corkers Cafe. I appreciate you and our experience.

Barbara Schriever– Co-Proprietor- Corkers Cafe