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Focus on the Guest & the Rest Will Follow! (Part 2)

104Tip #2:  Front Door First Impressions

Why the garbage?  Read on…

How often do we have to be told first impressions are important?  Well I’m going to tell you again, but with a bit of a twist.

Does your parking lot, building, lobby, foyer, reception area, reception desk (or whatever you might have) make a good impression?  You need to be sure it does because your clients are making decisions about you before you even talk to them.

And what about your gatekeepers?  Your hosts, receptionists, front desk support? Have you ever been to a restaurant with a grumpy host or hostess.  Not fun huh? This job is often overlooked, but is actually one of the most important jobs in the place. Make sure you hire someone amazing for this role! Someone who always smiles and never has a chip on their shoulder. If they don’t smile in the interview, you can be sure they won’t once they work for you.

Also make sure they are great on the phone.  And please, no robots. Come up with something better for them to say than,”How are you?”, “Have a good day.” and “Thank you”  Be creative about the language your gatekeepers use with your customers and they will get noticed for not being so robotic.  Find ways to make the wait in the “lobby” more welcoming and accommodating.  Make it smell nice, put out things to read (not 3 month old things please!), candy or mints in a bowl, fresh coffee, water, flowers… something.  It makes your guests feel at home and sets the tone for what the relationship with your  company will be like.

I promised I would reveal why the garbage….because this picture was actually taken in the back alley of one of my clients!  How many of their neighbors and suppliers got to see this as they delivered food and supplies???  I guarantee you the guys who deliver the beer, fix the dishwasher or bring linens are taking a look around the restaurant’s kitchen and backroom and making some judgments about weather they want to eat there or not. Don’t think for a minute they aren’t telling their friends or the health department!

Do a full 360 of your business when your accessing the impressions you are making…what’s going on in back matters too!


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