Why Credible?

As businesses grow, they ALL encounter issues they need help with. The restaurant business has ridiculously tight margins. Can you afford NOT to hire a specialist to help make your business better?

With a broad understanding of both the hospitality industry and food safety regulations, I speak my client’s language and offer an objective second set of eyes.

My clients rely on me for help with the following:

  • Operations Cost Control- (in other words- Find Me The Money!)
  • Food Safety/ Hospitality Audits & Training
  • New Ideas to “make my business better”
  • Help with a BIG project that is not getting done
  • Training for managers & staff that just aren’t meeting expectations
  • Help with the Health Department or Regulatory offices and regulations

I understand the restaurant business because I’ve been working in it for almost 30 years. 

My services are affordable, approachable & efficient. I don’t milk the clock or your checkbook.  I customize each job to fit my clients needs and budget.  You’ll get upfront estimates and defined deliverables. I don’t recommend quick fixes. I implement permanent solutions. I’ll ask a lot of important questions during your free consultation and I won’t take the job if I don’t think I can provide you excellent value and service. Integrity is the core of my company.  I don’t compromise just to make a buck!

Don’t keep going it alone. Call or email me TODAY and let’s just talk about it.