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Day 3 of Restaurant Week- Nostrano

People always ask me what my favorite restaurant is. Being a restaurant consultant and former health inspector, I understand the question, but it is rarely a simple answer. Recommendations depend on what you're in the mood for...ethnic, vegetarian, breakfast, fine dining, etc.  Since Nostrano arrived on the Madison scene in 2010, they have consistently been at the top of my list when I recommend fine dining, desserts and cocktails.  What Nostrano really excels at is obsessing over the details.  I love that because it's I obsess about with my clients. Nostrano gets almost everything right........ Here were our RW options. First Course: Squash Soup (with Cocoa Spätzli, Pumpkin Seeds, Smoked Maple & Sage) Bleu Mont Cheese Salad (Winter Greens, Willi's Bandaged Cheddar, Pickled Pears, Cipollini, Mostarda, Walnut Sourdough). If you are wondering what half of this is, that's half the fun of Nostrano...they are always introducing their guests to new and interesting food (a lot of it local or house made).  My favorite first coarse item was the additive Mostarda , an Italian born spread made of candied fruit and mustard in a thick syrup.  The salad was lightly dressed, ...