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About eight years ago, the hot buzz word in food was "artisanal."  Previously reserved to describe a skilled craftsman of a particular trade, savvy marketers latched onto this word and attached it to every bread, cheese and slightly different food item on menus and in stores across America.  Now calling something "artisanal" seems passe' or almost silly. Today's big buzz words are "Local", "Fresh" and "Sustainable."  I'd like to add "the stuff our grandparents made and ate" to that list, but it's not a word. Still, we do need a word or phrase to describe the growing interest in canning, pickling, fermenting and meat processing that harkens back to our grandma's dusty, musty root cellar filled with jars of would be science experiments fit for a horror movie. Sorry Grandma!  But back to Fresh & Local... So what does it all mean and how do we make sure it’s meaningful?  QSR Magazine recently published a great article on this topic entitled "Buzzwords, Defined" It's worth a read to clarify the words you are using and guarantee you are differentiating your brand in the direction you and your customers ...